Does Article Marketing Really Work?

The INTERNET  as we know it today serves countless activities; entertainment, connecting with family, shopping, business, data storage, computing the meaning of life, news, mapping stars, and many many other things.
Most off all…the INTERNET connects people to the largest collection of articles ever to exist. “YES, Article Marketing DOES REALLY WORK!”
Isn’t  Article Marketing Dead
Article Marketing for the sole purpose of promoting a product page or gaining rankings in search engines is a delicate process.  Forget everything you thought you knew about article marketing and if your new to the idea then great…you might still have a chance.
Start Content Marketing the Right Way
What you are about to learn is by far a very profitable way to promote your business through the INTERNET.  A plan of action is your ultimate tool and a time frame of 3 to 6 months to start seeing lasting results.
You will waste your time if you’re not fully committed to the process or at least hire someone who is.
Part One: What  you Write makes a difference

Develop a series of topic specific content directly related to the product or service you wish to promote.  Target that content to the customer.  Content written with the user in mind seldom goes unnoticed.  That is  true for how the search engine index pages.
With Millions of pages on-line the major search engines have more then enough data to know when someone is trying to scam the system or promote quality information.
Part Two: Where are your Customers

Location specific content holds a lot of weight.  In your business you should have defined who your customers are and where they are from.  Developing local content helps search engines show more relevant results for people looking for products and services near them.  Remember, just because your business might be conducted On-line doesn’t mean it isn’t local.
Part Three: Expectations
Realistic Expectations about the people searching for the content your creating is a must. Are they really looking to BUY something?  If you want to rank number one for “African Fire Breathing Earthworm” how many people are looking to buy a product related to that search?
That is why part two works very well, because people tend to do more business with local retailers or services.
Part Four: Rankings and Promoting
All this content and no where to put it?  Traditionally people who wanted to promote their site with article marketing were encouraged to do submit their content to Article Directories.  Those are places where thousands of articles are hosted.  Many of these article directories are built for one reason “AD Farming”.  The business of placeing ads on sites based on your content in hopes to being in Ad revenue, and for a while that strategy worked well for the site owners.  Until a group or people confronted the big search engines about playing favorites.
There are places on-line where you can submit your content and not worry about building someone else an income off of ad revenue (you may have heard of the Panda Update).  You want secure, privet, ad free directories.
You can build your own privet network for article marketing and make it search engine friendly which builds links to your site.  Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, with some creativity isn’t a bad thing.  As far as duplication goes, forget about it, it won’t harm you unless the content is harmful in the first place.   It’s that simple.
That is only a tiny portion of how you can promote your content which in turn promotes the main site in which you want to rank.
Part Five: Summary
Have an original spot for your high-quality content-rich article.  You can select 2 to 3 key-phrases that you don’t care to rank for but are related to your ranking domain or page and develop the content around those terms.  Point One link back to the main content, this is the validation point for the robots.
Pull out the dictionary and get creative with your writing.  If your selling “Fire Breathing Earthworms from Africa” some key phrases to create promotional content might be “Easy Pets for Kids”, “Cool House Pet”, and “Awesome Anniversary Gift”. Those key-phrases would host content with all kinds of benefits relating to owning an awesome pet like the Fire Breathing Earthworm. With a link pointing back to your main site, and inter links pointing to the other articles you write about it.
Article Marketing isn’t about ranking articles, its about having quality content point to a quality sales page or domain.  The same reason you would want to point to a quality page on your site as well.  Your customer knows when they find junk so don’t let them.
Yaghi Labs is revolutionizing the way people use content marketing on-line, you can hire the skilled team to develop content for you or you can get connect and learn with the team when you Enroll in Yaghi Labs Internet Business Academy.
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P.S If you’re worried about duplicate content. You can time stamp, attribute, your article like this.

[This Article Originally Posted on 7 November 2011]

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