Why Does Google Dislike Affiliate Websites?

Google’s stance on affiliate websites is really the same for any website on the INTERNET.  They want the website owner to have a continuous flow of “original content” that is related to your product or service.
If you have read anything  about building websites that rank then you most  likely have heard the term “original content”.   I’ll cover that briefly below but lets hear what Google says about why they don’t like most affiliate websites.
Why Does Google Dislike Affiliate Websites?

“Google feels that pure affiliate websites don’t give additional value for web users, especially if many people are promoting the same affiliate offer. Because a search result could return multiple sites, all with the same content, they create a frustrating user experience.
Pure affiliate sites consisting of content that appears in many other places on the web is unlikely to perform well in Google search results and can cause your site to be negatively perceived by search engines. Unique, relevant content provides value to users and distinguishes your site from other affiliates, making it more likely to rank well in Google search result pages.”~~Google Webmaster Tools

Should You Still Consider Affiliate Marketing
Absolutely.  You know that Google doesn’t like the same old repeated sales page clogging up their search results (I understand some pages still do) but any NEW JUNK AFFILIATE PAGE isn’t going to survive unless you take the right approach.
Can you see the real power you have now?  The little effort you put forth really goes a long long way here.  Because of the thousand and thousands of potential affiliate  products that you could offer and create on your own with brick and mortor business.  Getting Original Content isn’t the problem.   It’s getting started that really stops most people.
The problem is creating the original content before your competition.  If your picking a market that has high competition to sell in then you must have consistency in your content creation.  Spiders and search engines notice you more when you have fresh stuff posted on a regular bases.  As a business owner if your products and services aren’t noticed you’re dead.
Create Unique Content so Google will like Your Affiliate Offer
Content creation is the part stopping many people in their tracks from ever reaching the level of ON-LINE business they want.  Because creating content isn’t all flowers and gum-balls, beer and nuts,  or anything else that seem really appealing.   Research and digging around to find-out just what problem you can solve with the product your offering takes time and energy.  Procrastination  sets in and your off the trail.
You must be willing to put in those countless hours to find the hooks and really become engaging with the audience, even in the strangest way sometimes.  Doing whatever it takes, legally.
Example: I sell “African Fire Breathing Earthworms”
Fire-Breathing EarthwormAlthough  dangerous,  A cool pet for kids ages 5-12.  I have an agreement with a pet store. I get them customers for the Fire Breathing Earthworms and they pay me a fee for my marketing services and sales.  High competition niche so I  must create unique content targeting people who want to get a pet to help have their kids learn about responsibility.
Affiliate marketing isn’t a cookie cutter business.  You have to out-create the creative and really make it your own market.  Targeting niche specific areas when affiliate offers are aimed at a broad audience.  Google and other search engines don’t want to see 500 affiliate blogs with the same old stuff on each one.
Done correctly and you can create a nice income for your self because many people have given up on the fact that they now have to “work” to get results or they don’t understand what it really takes.
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That is exactly what Yaghi Labs does for you when you request the writing services.
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