Why GenX'ers Are The Best Entrepreneurs

It’s my observation that GenX’ers are the best Internet marketers.

In fact, methinks we’re the best entrepreneurs, period.

How can I say such a thing?

Well, first off, I’m biased.

But besides that, I don’t think baby boomers and Gen Y’ers or today’s narcissistic whiney little “Gen Texters” have the advantages my brood have.

Here’s what I mean:

1. We were the “latchkey kid” generation

i.e. we fended for ourselves.

When I was in middle school and high school, I came home to an empty home. Made my own meals. And was alone with my brother (usually fighting haha) until my mom (who worked her fingers to the bone as a waitress) got home around midnight or 1 am.

You can’t help but be more independent growing up like that.

And so we’re a generation of individualists.

We dig freedom over security. Have zero tolerance for meddlesome bosses/clients. And basically give authority the “finger.”

Traits that serve entrepreneurs well…

2. Work ethic

Many of us GenX’ers came from divorced homes and watched our parents work their cans off, only to have the corporate world chew them up and spit them out when they were done with them. As a result of watching them work so hard, we ended up with work ethics I just don’t see in other generations (as a whole) since my grandparent’s time.

We also learned (early on) there is no true “job security.”

That you cannot trust politicians.

And if you want something, go out and seize it.

Nobody’s gonna do it for you.

And even if they do, it won’t turn out as good as if you do it yourself…

3. No Internet

We didn’t grow up with an iPhone in our hand.

In fact, I remember as a kid we took a field trip to the library where we would get to see (gasp!) the Apple 2! It was a huge deal to even have an Atari that played Pacman (and you were considered to be well-to-do if you could even afford that).

Cell phones?


I had a sticker in my wallet that had a special 4 digit code I could dial from a pay phone that allowed me to call collect without going through the operator.

I think this gives us a huge advantage.


We like and understand technology.

But we don’t rely on it.

(I doubt many baby boomers do, either.)

I dare say many of us don’t even trust technology (probably thanks to growing up with movies like “The Terminator” and “War Games”…) Which is why many of us online GenX’ers (I’ve noticed) tend to be more likely to study old school marketing studs — like Halbert, Kennedy, Schwartz, Bencivenga, Carlton, etc — and not some flash-in-the-pan goo-roo who makes their living doing JV’s with other online marketers with big lists.

4. Not afraid to get our hands dirty

We didn’t have the Internet when I was in school. I mean, it existed, but it wasn’t anything anyone got excited about. And most of us hand wrote out our research papers (putting ideas down on 3X5 note cards) and then went to the library to type them up.

(Yes, on typewriters.)

Since then, we’ve had the “cut & paste” generation.

No attention to detail.

No time invested to do the job right.

And thus, (I’d bet) no real joy in earning what they take.

Anyway, that’s my opinion.

Obviously, not all GenX’ers are cool, and it doesn’t mean the other generations all suck.

This is just a brain fart about generational advantages.

(So let’s keep this in context, okay?)

Even so, I suppose I should brace myself for the onslaught of “yeah but!” comments that will zing into my inbox from members of the other generations.

But that’s okay.

That kind of whining will simply prove my point.

And daddy enjoys being proven right…

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