How Internet Video Can Kill Your Sales

Everyone is so lady ga-ga over video these days.

Even to the point of evangelizing it — “text is dead if you’re not using video then you’re finished, you’ll never last online.” (No joke, I’ve seen people say that.)

But is it true?

Do you HAVE to use video?

Not even close.

And it’s funny that the people who most often parrot the “video is king” advice are people who sell a product or service about video.

Don’t get me wrong…

There’s nothing wrong with using video.

Frankly, I should do more of it.

And it CAN make you lots more of the green stuff.

But here’s something to consider:

Recently I was talking with my pal Jim Yaghi about email marketing (he’s one of my recent “disciples” on the subject — I now have him emailing DAILY and he’s making lots more $$ as a result, just thought I’d throw that in…)

Anyway, he lives in Jordan.

And he was telling me he can’t even watch a lot of videos.


Because he says they have a limit on monthly bandwidth where you cannot buy all you want like here in the US. A lot of countries do this, too, I’m told. And that being the case… you think they’re gonna screw around watching your big ol video pitch with the “bouncing ball” where they’re supposed to follow along word-by-word as they read your pitch in a screencast?

Probably they would if they could.

But many people can’t.

Only so many “bytes” are allowed per month.

Thus, potential sales are lost.

Does this mean you should not use video?

Not at all!

Use it!

It can make you a lot more sales in some cases. But don’t forget all the customers who WOULD have bought had they seen your story/product/offer if they COULD watch video, but can’t due to limitations beyond their control.

Just another reason to use email.

Even a LONG email is only a few “bytes.”

Easily read anywhere.

On any connection.

And on any device.

For more ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to

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