Exotic Chinese Email Secret

I love me a good Seinfeld episode.

And recently I saw the episode called “The Chinese Woman” where George Costanza’s mom got to talking to Jerry’s girlfriend over the phone about why she’s getting a divorce. Because her name was Donna Chang, she thought Jerry’s girlfriend was Chinese and therefore possessed wisdom she did not.

And so, at Donna’s advice, Mrs. Costanza decides not to divorce.

Until… she realizes Donna’s not really Chinese.

“I thought I was getting advice from a Chinese woman! Well, then that changes everything!”

And suddenly the divorce is back on!

Anyway, it’s one of my favorite episodes.

And there’s a HUGE lesson inside:

Most people really do place value on things that are exotic and different. It could be Chinese medicine, American movies, French food, whatever.

Exotic sells, mi amigo.

Want to make more sales?

Create an exotic persona.

And let it ooze all over your emails.

It’ll make you more persuasive.

Just ask George’s mom…

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