Did I Offend You? Good…

A little while back I wrote an email titled:

“Curing Email Anorexia”

Definitely one of my better emails.

And the large number of people who responded (by responding to the call to action inside) is proof of how effective it was.

But, not everyone liked it.

Some people were even flat out offended!

In fact, one person said she was about to subscribe to my emails but stopped after seeing it on my blog. She said it was a poor analogy, that it’s wrong to compare an actual disorder, disease, or anything of the sort to your business and that you don’t see other professionals doing it.

Is she right?

Could she have a point?

Well, I can kinda see why someone might think that.

But she’s wrong.

In fact, as far as other professionals go… the idea for that article was inspired by a series of mainstream news releases about “success anorexia.” And besides that, diseases make GREAT analogies. They are 100% clear, get the point across and the only people who get offended are those LOOKING to be offended.

I’ll use myself as an example.

I almost died of asthma as a kid.

So it’s not exactly a joking matter for me.

Yet, I’ve seen people use asthma analogies for business.

(I’ve even used it myself.)

It’s not offensive — it’s CLEAR.

And the truth is, if you do emails right you’re going to offend people. There are always people looking to be offended and you WILL perk up their antennas.

But who cares?

Let them be offended.

Chances are you did something right…

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