5-Minute Ad Change Makes $30k

A few years ago I had a huge “ah ha!” moment that forever changed the way I write ads, emails and other marketing documents.

It was a rather brutal time in my career.

And I couldn’t afford to fail.

(I was in a terrible financial bind…)

Anyway, what happened was, I had spent two months writing a very ambitious ad for a high-end product (I was getting pure commission on, no upfront fee) I knew would make a ton of $$ if I got it right… but goose eggs if I got it wrong.

I busted my hump on this ad, too.

And put everything I had in to it.

But when I finished… something was “off.”

I couldn’t put my finger on what, exactly.

But something was rotten in Denmark.

Luckily, a copywriter friend of mine at the time (a “world class” copywriter ) offered to look at it for me. And it turned out that even though I had everything “right” in the ad…the headline, the bullets, the offer, etc…there was a huge, glaring problem that would have KILLED response. Long story short… I made one small change to the copy (that took less than 5 minutes) and that ad ended up earning me close to $30,000 in commissions over the next few years before it ran its course.

Not too shabby, eh?

But… what was the problem in the ad?

And how did I fix it?

Actually, it doesn’t matter.

You see, the “magic” wasn’t in the change I made.

It was in having a savvy copywriter who was totally unattached emotionally and financially to what I was doing look at the ad and help me “see the forest through the trees.”

And you know what?

That ONE thing made all the difference.

And, it’s made a difference in every OTHER ad and email I’ve written since then. In fact, if he hadn’t shown me my error, I would have kept repeating it over and over again… choking my response each time.

Anyway, what is the point of this story?

To show you the value of feedback.

Feedback from people who know what they’re talking about. It can be the difference between zero sales and tens of thousands of smackola in sales.

But, you know what’s even better than having a pro look at your work?

Having someone in your market look at it.

So instead of advertising critic… an actual prospect.

See what they think.

What they say.

And what it will take to get them to buy.

It’s easy and free.

And it works like gangbusters for writing high selling ads.

For more ways to get people eagerly buying from your emails almost every time you push that “send” button go to www.BenSettle.com

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