How to Change the Canvas Size in Adobe Premiere CS4 Pro


Changing the Canvas Size in Adobe Premiere CS4 Pro

Before starting a new editing project in CS4 Pro or on any professional non-linear video editing software for that matter. It’s important to know the format of your recorded video. You will not be able to change the project settings for a sequence once you set the  initial sequence up.
The video format refers to the setting the camera records the footage.  Every camcorder and camera settings are different but ill show you how you can find out what the right settings are in the video above.
Answer: Changing the “canvas”  or sequence settings is not possible in CS4 Pro once you create that sequence.  I am referring “canvas” as the space in which your video is visible in the editing and in the final product.
Solutions: There are some options you have to manipulate the video on the sequence to get the video to fit the canvas size you want.  You can  reencode the video to the correct or  a close format, and you can resize/rescale the video on the canvas as well. In both cases you are likely to suffer some kind of quality loss in the video.
Stretching the video using a re-sizer effect is one way, but a small video will become very pixelated.  Anamorphicly transforming  a video clip is another way to get the video to manipulate the shot to try and fit the desired canvas size.
The best solution is to capture all the video using the same settings for each camera.  I know that is not always possible and sometime you are just looking to make a video with many different clips and formats.  Letting Adobe Premiere CS4 Pro pick the settings for the main video on the canvas can will be the best bet to go with if you are unsure of format of the video.
Be sure to watch the screen cast for examples of the different solutions stated above.
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