What Is A Landing Or Capture Page?

This week the world mourns the death of 56-year-old Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, who died on October 5, 2011 after 7 years of battling pancreatic cancer.
Days after his untimely death, internet users continue to post comments and well-deserved respects paid to Steve and the legacy he has left behind.
Steven Paul Jobs made tremendous advancements in technology and vision during his time spent with companies like Apple, LucasFilm, Pixar, and The Walt Disney Company.  Steve profoundly shaped the face of modern technology, revolutionized 6 different industries and set a high-level standard for business leaders around the world.
When we take a look at Steve Jobs’ accomplishments and innovations it is easy to see that what he DID created a legacy to be respectfully remembered for years to come.
Below we look to Steve Jobs’ example to help us define and dissect the purpose of 2 common elements of internet business building – Landing Pages and Capture Pages.

Is There A Difference?

The terms “Landing Page” and “Capture Page” are used almost interchangeably anymore.  While there are numerous similarities and a capture page could technically be considered a landing page it is important to understand the distinction between the two.

What Is A Landing Page?

A Landing page is pretty simple to understand.  It is exactly what it sounds like it would be – it is the page at which your visitors arrive or ‘land’ after being navigated to your site.  It could be your home page, blog, or any other page on your site.
In fact, it is very common for websites to incorporate multiple landing pages all serving different purposes.  Your landing page should also be designed to accomplish a single focused objective.
Like Steve Jobs’ influence and legacy, the real benefit of landing pages comes from what they DO or ACCOMPLISH and not necessarily from their existence alone.
Landing pages should provide a very customized and personal experience for your visitor.  When designing your landing page, consider where the visitor has just come from.  Did they click through a link from a Facebook post or was it a targeted ad on Google?
Keeping in mind where your visitors are arriving from will give you invaluable insight into who they are and how you can provide them with what they are looking for.  Allow your landing page to be a logical extension of the advertisement or link that your visitor was originally interested in.
By matching who your visitor is with what they are looking for your chances of engaging the visitor automatically go up.  This is the basic concept of conversions and conversion rates.  The goal is to convert someone who stumbled onto your site from being a random stranger and turn them into an interested viewer which will then lead to them becoming a willing buyer.
Steve Jobs and Apple products are extremely well known for their ability to provide their customers with a high-level of attention to aesthetics and visual appeal in their products.
Likewise, well designed landing pages support higher conversion rates than simply directing visitors to the home page of your website.
Don’t force your visitors to fend for themselves amidst countless links, images, and any number of other distractions.  Create a captive audience by providing your visitors with EXACTLY what they are looking for.

When to Use Landing Pages

Targeted landing pages should be utilized anytime you can control or have specific knowledge of where your visitors will be coming from and you have a specific outcome or goal you are hoping to accomplish.
Simple sales, opt-ins, or even engaging a visitor into reading a specific article are examples goals or outcomes you could be directing your visitors toward.
Landing pages are especially critical when implementing paid traffic techniques. Banner ads, sponsor links, or Pay-per-click advertising can be very expensive.  It is important to make the most of every single visitor by employing well crafted landing pages.

Well Then… What Is A Capture Page?

A capture page is a type of landing page created with only one specific purpose – to get a visitor to enter their information into a form and subscribe to your list or feed.
The most common way to do this online is to offer some type of bribe, something free and enticing, in exchange for your visitor’s name, email address, and occasionally phone number.  In the internet marketing world written reports, blueprints, audio recordings, and training courses are commonly used to bribe visitors into exchanging their personal information for the promised content.
Have you ever noticed how Apple seems to have this MASSIVE cult-like following of loyal fanboys and customers?  It is because of the incredible amount of value they provide.  Thanks to Steve Jobs and other visionaries… Apple has provided some excellent technological solutions and completely over-delivered on ALL of their promises.
Arguably… headlines, graphics, and limited navigation will play a role in the rate of conversion a capture page generates.  The most important thing to consider though is that your bribe must ABSOLUTELY be something of real value that the visitor will find useful and informative.  That is the ONLY way that ANY visitor will be willing to give you their information and remain on your list.
For the sake of longevity and the ability to continue to market services and products to this list, the information or bribe you provide must over-deliver and be extremely valuable to your customer visitors.
The most successful captures all follow this exact same formula…

  1. Describe a problem your visitor is experiencing
  2. Offer a solution in exchange for the visitor’s information
  3. Deliver the solution

A 4th step would then be to continue to provide value and usefulness to this list and then repeating the process.
Using Steve Jobs and Apple as an example…  Apple provides their customers with more usefulness and value by offering additional related products.  There are many exclusive software programs, accessories, as well as other devices that already customers are most likely interested in.
By staying in contact and developing a relationship with the people who chose to opt-in to your email list you can create a very valuable asset to earn from over and over again.  Capture pages are frequently implemented in this manner as effective components in marketing systems that benefit from a lead ‘captured’ once and then leveraged to profit from for weeks and months down the road.

Is It An iPod, iPad, iTouch, Or iPhone?

While providing the world with innumerable amounts of information… the internet has also proved quite effective in providing WAY too many terms that are eventually get used incorrectly and, even more confusing, interchangeably.
This situation is no different.
A Capture Page is technically a form of Landing Page BUT a Landing Page does not necessarily need to be a Capture Page or contain an opt-in form.

  • A Landing Page provides valuable content and information relevant to the visitor’s interest by directly relating to what the visitor was originally searching for.
  • A Capture Page provides valuable content in exchange for the visitor’s email address or other contact information.

Steve Jobs’ ingenuity and legend have provided the world with technological advances and greater understanding of what’s possible.
Take a lesson from Steve’s example and begin using Landing Pages and Capture Pages in the most efficient way to supplement the rest of your business building efforts.
The Internet Business Academy has taught our students the EXACT methods we use here at YaghiLabs to design and build websites and landing pages to effortlessly convert visitors into customers.

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