How To Effectively Do Affiliate Marketing

Known as the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway is an American serial killer who is currently serving 48 life sentences for the numerous murders committed during the 80’s and 90’s.
Jeff Jensen’s graphic novel released on September 13th entitled “Green River Killer: A True Detective Story” retells the true story of his father, Tom Jensen, and his hunt for serial killer, Gary Ridgway.
Despite its somewhat controversial medium, the book has earned itself quite a bit of attention from critics, writers, as well as hundreds of ‘comic book’ and ‘true crime’ fans.
Affiliate marketing is very possibly the most highly rewarding low-risk internet business model out there.  The problem is that most affiliate marketers are going about the process all wrong.
In this article we will take a look behind the scenes of the instantly successful graphic novel to learn how to effectively sell affiliate products online in 4 simple steps.

Step #1 – Discover a Profitable Niche

Choosing an appropriate niche based around your interests and creating the RIGHT type of content are absolutely critical to the success of any affiliate promotion.
Jeff Jensen decided to share a story of which he had expert knowledge.  In fact, by retelling his father’s story, Jeff was naturally provided with exclusive “insider information” that others did not have available to them.
Don’t misunderstand, the story of the Green River Killer is in no way new to the mainstream media.  There have been numerous movies, books, and even songs portraying the hunt for the once at-large serial killer.
These already-existent products help to support the affiliate business model and certainly contributed to the instant success of Jeff Jensen’s new graphic novel.  Jeff must have known that there are millions of “comic book” fans and millions of “true crime” fans that actively pay money for products similar to his that are based on similar topics.
The fact that similar products are being bought and sold within a specific niche should confirm and emphasize your decision to market within that industry.  There is money to be made where people are already spending money.

Step #2 – Create Relevant Content

The information provided to Jeff by his father, Tom, gave Jeff additional insight and expert level knowledge on a subject that others had already made prevalent and popular.
Jeff shared what he knew about a subject in which he was very interested and knowledgeable.
In affiliate marketing it is important to choose to promote products and offers that you are personally interested in for a number of different reasons.  One of which is that it will be MUCH easier for you to continue building a business if it is based on something you already love.  Maybe even more important though is the fact that the information you take an interest in is most likely interesting, informative, entertaining to others as well.
You can easily convert your passionate knowledge of a subject into in-demand content by making it available to others online.  The coolest part of this process is that relevant topical content will automatically attract interested visitors to your website or blog.
When creating content, be sure to keep your web audience in mind.  Write articles that you would be interested in reading.
Provide content relevant to your affiliate offers.
It is important to recognize where most web users go to find the content they are interested in…  search engines.
You can be sure that people who stumble onto your site from a search they performed are already interested in what you are sharing, and ultimately selling, because it directly correlates with what they were originally searching for.

Step #3 – Build Trust and Confidence

One of the appeals of Jeff Jensen’s new book comes from the fact that he wasn’t afraid to release it in his own voice.  Jeff chose to utilize a unique media type that naturally caused his story to stand out.  The story of the Green River Killer had never before been told in a graphic novel format.  Jeff provided a relevant, original, and  informative story in a unique way that was all his own.
When you let your personality shine through in the content you produce your visitors are able to relate with you.  Your voice is important.  No one else in the entire world has the exact same ideas, opinions, or experiences that you do.  Let that come through in your sharing.  Allow others to develop a relationship with you through your content.
The important to note here is that when you provide EXTREMELY valuable content and over-deliver, your visitors will do more than trust you… they will genuinely LIKE you.

Step #4 – Monetize

Monetization is a big fancy that gets thrown around a lot by internet marketers.  The concept of monetization can easily be simplified into a short statement, “asking for money”.
Those that return to your site LIKE you.  They are even more than just targeted visitors that are interested in your content.  They are are also very willing to buy from you as well.  It is important to give your returning visitors an opportunity to give you money for the entertainment or information you have provided.
These visitors are interested in what you have to say.  Show them where to find out more.  Use your affiliate links to provide your returning visitors with products and information relevant to what you have already shared with them.

Walking Backwards

Most affiliate marketers never gain a real understanding of these 4 simple steps.  In reality, the majority of affiliate marketers actually try to enforce this formula completely backwards.
It is very common for affiliates to provide only enough information to convince the viewer to “opt-in” to their email list.  After joining this list the visitor is frequently assaulted with affiliate offers, sales pitches, and new product launches.
The formula as outlined above provides a much more natural progression for the visitors as well as for the growth of your business.  Longevity is key to producing an affiliate marketing business that will continue to grow and benefit you as time goes on.

To sum up…

  1. Choose to promote affiliate offers that you are personally interested in
  2. Share content in your own voice
  3. Allow your content to automatically attract interested visitors
  4. Use your affiliate links to provide even more value to your visitors

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