An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg About The Changes To Facebook

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,
Where is the damn “DISLIKE” button already?!
I am certainly not the only one wondering…
My personal “News-Feed” (or is it “Top-Stories”?) is already littered with complaints about the changes to your once inviting platform.
This morning all 750 million of your Facebook users were presented with a completely foreign interface, displaying crazy blue arrows and updates that are all out of order. Apparently your brilliant idea is that we see important stories first and a chronological list of stories below. Wasn’t that idea used by newspapers to highlight top stories?
For being one of the decade’s “business poster boys” I foolishly assumed you would notice that the newspaper is OUTDATED.
Even newspapers would lose the little bit of their popularity that’s left if their format was changed entirely over night!
If you’re going to make changes, at least do it gradually–give us a chance to get used to things. But no…
Buttons have moved, features have been added, and the entire flow of social media habit has been interrupted.
You have even succeeded in making near impossible to FIND real-life friends. The “top-stories” section of my home page is full of comments and status updates from people I haven’t cared to hear from in over 10 years.  I don’t care that they commented on one of my non-friends photos.
This is supposed to a social experience.  Why can’t I seem to easily connect with the people I normally socialize with in real-life?
Not only is extremely difficult to find my friends, once I find them there is a good chance that they won’t ever SEE my comments.
For whatever reason you decided that my friends don’t need email notifications enabled by default. Not everyone is sitting around looking at a live feed all day long to see when we leave a comment on an old status!
Older pictures and posts will inevitably lose all interaction.
It is one thing for you to think that you can decide what stories are important to me but… my FRIENDS?  Who are you to decide who is important to ME and then have the gall to actually LIMIT my interaction with them?!
I guess it makes sense that I will be getting fewer emails from you… these changes may very well be the end of Facebook’s reign.
Yes, changes have been made to Facebook’s user interface in the past but that was before there was any viable alternatives.
Google+ is now open to the public and is starting to look like a real promising option for many of your upset users. Their interface is simpler, faster, and less cluttered…and does more!
You had an undeniable lead for a long time.  Google’s 25 million users couldn’t even hold a torch to your 750 million.
In an interface update that I can only assume was designed to compete with Google’s recent “launch” of the public platform, you have effectively pushed many of your once loyal users to seek legitimate alternatives for social interaction.
The internet’s perfect timing has made it so that there is a very real and competitive option…
Your changes are cluttered, and ugly, and the sidebar is stupid. I can’t see anything in it and the scroll bars are nearly invisible next to the main SYSTEM scroll bar. Have you ever heard of “PADDING?”
Worse, do you REALLY think I want everyone to see in real-time every time I breathe on Facebook? Clearly your history with neglect for people’s privacy hasn’t changed.
Mr. Zuckerberg, many of us have depended on Facebook for years to allow easy interaction with our friends and family.  Don’t make us hate you.  You are smarter than that.
Don’t force us to find an alternate solution to your social media madness.
Sincerely speaking as the voice of the people,
Zakary Frank

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