Etiquette For Getting More Blog Readers

It’s like that girl…
The one who complains she doesn’t get invited anywhere, but when she’s invited to the party she spends the whole time drinking by herself in the corner.
Blogging is a social activity.
ughhh! Y U NO BLOG MY COMMENT!??When you’re social, others want to socialise with you. And just like social life, there’s a certain blogging etiquette. Follow it, and you will have a happy audience; neglect it and you will probably be outcast:
Here are some simple ways to be a good social blogger:

1. Keep It Alive

Blogging frequently on different topics allows you to be interesting to new friends by  appealing to different people’s interests.
This might be obvious, but apparently not so in the online business community!
When new visitors arrive at your blog, it’s usually to read a specific article. But they also browse your archives and your recent posts to see what else you blog about. Some readers, especially those who like you, will bookmark your site and visit again the next day.
Fresh content is critical for building a loyal return-reader base.

2. Clean Your Room

Your blog visitors are yours and they want to hear from you, not someone else.
Contrary to popular belief, having 100 interviews with “experts” and “gurus” more knowledgeable than you in your field does not do much to give you authority or credibility. In fact, if anything it makes them look like heroes and you like a ZERO.
If those videos are important, give them their own page away from the homepage. Your homepage should be clean and tidy and reserved for “YOU stuff”.

3. Be Considerate

During the day, most blog readers are trying to discretely read your blog from work.
Don’t be the annoying girl who rings her friend at work and tries to tell about her crazy Saturday night while on speakerphone in a meeting. Autoplaying videos are obnoxious and not cool. They can turn first-time visitors off in an instant. Let your visitors decide which video they like, let them click when they’re ready to play.
Videos posts can be very effective as long as you give your readers choice.
Some people don’t have lightning fast internet connections and they dread playing online video. A good idea is to offer a balanced mix of video, picture, and text to suit a variety of readers’ preference.

4. Sound Human

Your personal blog is YOUR personal log of amazing thoughts.
Write in the voice your friends and family hear when you communicate with them. Keep away from the rhetoric used when you’re consulting or interviewing a client over the phone. Drop the industry jargon, the idiomatic expressions, and the cliches.
That’s is called Sales Language. Take a look at what’s left when you throw it out the window, and you’ll find that you have a very human voice that comes through in your writing.
Readers connect with other people’s humanity, they trust it, and they enjoy reading like a conversation with a new friend.

5. Blogging on the Cheap

Not everyone can afford to hire a fancy-shmancy designer to set up their blogs.
Believe it or not, having a blog doesn’t mean you need to have a picture of you at the top, arms folded and wearing a pantsuit. Particularly if that’s not the you that your friends know!
Keep things natural, even if it is because you can’t afford a fancy graphics guy.
It can actually work in your favour since people you’ve never met in person will get a sense that you’re approachable, casual, and friendly.
Don’t get hung up on the technology and making things look overly decorated. People read blogs because they have interesting stuff to say, not because they’re impressed with the headers.
I struggled with themes until I used a free blogging service. Now I focus on my content and make up for my design deficiencies by writing entries that really matter. You should too.
There are many free blogging services like,,, and Consider these options; they let you be setup and ready to blog in MINUTES.

6. Participate in Your Blogging Community

Just as in social life, you can’t sit around and wait for visitors to drop by. Go out and make some friends.
Read other people’s blogs that interest you. Communicate with them, show genuine interest and get inspired by them. If someone says something that REALLY interests you, consider writing a blog-reply instead of just a little comment.

7. Re-Blogging and Blogversations

Not only do blogs allow readers to participate with comments, but they also allow readers to participate by blogging!
Trackbacks and Pingbacks are actually a kind of extended comment. It’s a way for one bloggers to reply to another blogger’s entry by writing a response at their own blog.
Don’t copy someone’s blog posts and post them on your own blog. That is offensive, almost like stealing a person’s personality. It also makes you look horribly unimaginative.
A fellow blogger is a potential ally. When you like someone’s entry, go ahead and write your reply as a post at your own blog for your readers. Simply reference the URL of the entry you’re responding to, and say your viewpoint.
As a result, a reference link back to your blog will show up in their comment thread (if they approve it). Then a two-way connection is made between you so that interested readers on both sides will learn of both blogs.
Follow these 7 guidelines to be a better, more social blogger. You will find that blogging is more fun than ever before. You’ll build an audience quickly, make friends easily, and do much business!

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