2 Selling Tips from an Infant

Adam is one
helluva salesman!
He’s efficient
at getting everything he wants–although his methods are not conventional.
Get this…
The other
day, I’m carrying Adam (my 3-month old boy), and we’re playing together…when
all of a sudden, he turns to whining…and then crying, combined with an odd sucking
on my arm.
“Aya,” I call. “Adam’s hungry. Can you
make him a bottle?”
As the
words fell out of my lips, it occurred to me the little monster made TWO
grownups drop everything they were doing to give him what he wants…and there was no
confusion about what he needed either.
You couldn’t ignore him. He’d just cry longer and louder and get his bottle one way or
the other.
Now THAT is
some efficient communication.
I’m not suggesting that you cry for sales.
But maybe
there’s a lesson in persistence (though that’s not the point either).
The point
is this…
Humans are
a social species and selling is in our blood. Pure instinct. A baby does it
before he can even talk.
That’s why,
since the beginning of time, we’ve found and developed more efficient ways to
tell each other what we want.
We started
with signs, gestures, sounds, and pictures…in prehistoric times.
And today,
we have standardized language and words that we speak and write.
But no
matter how advanced we’ve become…computers, social networks, emails,
smartphones…they’re just more efficient tools to influence each other and
get what we want.
So if selling is just communication, and if the internet is just one of many
communication tools that offers efficiency…
Why does
selling seem so hard?
Why do you
struggle to sell your products?
is NOT exact.
It breaks down because it only
offers an approximation of some very complex ideas, wrapped up in experience,
memories, and other shyt in our heads.
Let’s explore how anyone can fix their communication problem and be better at selling.
starts with three things…
1. a message
2. a sender (or speaker)
3. and a recipient (or listener).
The sender
gets some notion in his brain (the message) and then expresses that idea using
language. The recipient in turn receives the message, interprets it, and
internalizes it.
But plain old communication isn’t enough.
Any message you want to express gets translated twice. The first
time is when the sender converts his mental idea into words or language…that’s when the message gets a pretty serious arsefugkin…
…and the
second time is when the recipient converts what he hears into his own thoughts.
That’s when it goes through the friggin blender.
What you end up with is a message that’s been distorted into something very different from what you meant.
Most people
don’t realise this.
It’s not
what you say so much as what you DON’T say that breaks your communication.
So if the
choice is more words or less…I’ll always favour MORE.
Be exact
with more words, instead of vague with few.
I see
people who do a brilliant pitch for their product, but when it comes to the
call to action…they completely fugk it up. There’s no direct instruction. There’s
no “next step”. It’s just left open-ended for the recipient to figure out.
That is NOT
efficient or smart.
I mean,
imagine I have a hankering for a sandwich, and I say to you, “I’m hungry”.
Maybe you
hand me a banana. But I don’t LIKE bananas and I don’t want one right now.
How would
you know?
I never
told you.
And even
though you WANT to help me out, I think you’re a DIGK cause you didn’t give me
what I want.
The whole
problem could have been avoided if I’d just been more explicit.
I should
have said something like, “I’m hungry, grab me a sandwich will ya?” Whether or not you want
to help me, that’s up to you. But at least now I’m clear and I’ll get what I
Being inexact is one reason why you struggle to sell.
But what
happens if you ARE exact…and the prospect is not listening…Or they don’t
think it’s their problem to hook you up with a sandwich?
This is
where baby Adam got most marketers beat.
Crying is
NOT his message.
He cries with
EVERYTHING he wants. A diaper change. Sleep. Relief from a sore tummy. Diaper
rash. Everything.
Crying is the
most efficient way for a baby (who has VERY limited communication resources) to GET ATTENTION.
Once he has
attention, he adds the message of “hungry” by eating at your arm.
He’s a
clever kid, I tell you.
This is a baby
who HATES his pacifier because there’s no milk in it. He’s not dumb. He doesn’t
think he’ll get milk from your arm if he sucks it.
He’s signaling
for a feeding.
when selling, you might NOT always have the most amazing communication resources…or you may not be fluent or even literate…but the FIRST step is always to get attention…and
then be as exact as you can about what you want.
And if you
need more words, signals, or images to help you be more exact, then don’t be afraid to use them.
This is why i often spend MORE time formatting and editing a sales message than i spend on choosing the right words.
These are
two very important topics in Communicology 701. Exactness and attention.
In about 3
days, we’ll be ready to accept your enrollment in this Workshop. So if you want
to learn to make listeners listen…
…and make readers
You want to
keep prospects engaged and interested…
…and you want
to learn to make them understand what you’re offering them…
…and you
want them to learn to be clear about what you want them to do (eg, give you
their email address in a capture page, click a link in your email, or hit that
buy button 1,000 times)…
Then go here
now to learn about Communicology:

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Jim Yaghi

Jim Yaghi

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